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Lawn Chair USA

Blue and White Stripe Classic Lawn Chair

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We have taken the retro look of this classic aluminum folding chair and recreated it with optimum comfort.

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Set the stage for summer barbecues with this timeless blue and white striped aluminum chair and start creating those everlasting memories. Made in the USA

Height of Back: 21.5"
Seat Width:18.5"
Seat Length:16.5"
Seat Height from Ground:15.5"
Fold Flat Height:32"
Total Weight: 4.2lbs
Recommended Weight Capacity: 225lbs

Remember those old folding lawn chairs you used to sit on as a kid when you were outside at your grandparent's house? Well, we have replicated them only we've made them better. Crafted with an ultra-lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame and sturdy, fade-resistant webbing, this classic aluminum folding chair provides a lot of comfort while giving off a hint of style and nostalgia. It's also as portable and easy to store as outdoor folding chairs come, and it's even more durable than other chairs that are 2 times heavier.

Whether you're gearing up for a summer BBQ or a week at the cabin, set the stage for outdoor fun and relaxation with this beautiful blue and white striped aluminum chair. The high-quality chair materials and timeless blue and white color combo will allow you to create everlasting memories now and for years to come.