Spring Fling Magnum Chair
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Spring Fling Magnum Chair

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We have taken the retro look of this classic aluminum folding chair and recreated it with optimum comfort.

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This green lawn chair reminds us of a field nestled in the trees, a little piece of paradise. And like this aluminum chair, we want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace around you. That's one reason we made it lightweight with compact dimensions, so it's easy to carry wherever your paradise is.

Its vibrant colored stripes remind us of beautiful flowers blooming in springtime, making this green metal folding chair ideal for garden parties, spring break, spring soccer or baseball games, and more. Oh, and did we mention our magnum chairs have an extra vertical strap? This means the seat and back of this Spring Fling Magnum Chair are a couple of inches wider than our other aluminum folding lawn chairs, giving you a little extra room so your seat doesn't feel squished inside this seat. We also use a somewhat thicker wall of aluminum, so the chair is stronger and able to hold more weight (up to 275 lbs).
Made in the USA