10 Events to Bring Along a Lawn Chair

With almost any event or outing that you’re planning on attending, one of the first thoughts you have, after you arrive, is "Where am I going to sit?” You never know what kind of seating is going to be available, and there is a certain amount of peace of mind that comes with taking matters into your own hands and investing in some high quality folding chairs to accompany you on these adventures!


1. Concerts

From concerts in the park to camping out at the ticket box to score some tickets to your favorite band’s performance, you’ll want to pack up your lawn chair to bring along. It can definitely prove to be the perfect option for staying comfortable during all the fun and excitement.

2. Parades

Whether it’s the fourth of July or your town’s homecoming celebration, a couple of folding lawn chairs for you and your group are definitely a must. Use them to save your spot along the parade route and pack up a cooler with some drinks and snacks to bring along for the festivities.

3. Movies

Do some research to see what kinds of movies your town might be putting on at the local park, or look into where the closest drive-in theater is. Load up the back of your car with movie snacks and blankets and set up your chairs by your trunk set up. Your back and your bum will thank you for the comfortable seat.

4. Trip to the Park

Make some sandwiches and take a trip to your family’s favorite park! While the kids play on the jungle gym, relax in your picnic chairs and enjoy the afternoon. Not only will you break up your regular routine and get out of the house, but the kids will wear themselves out and make bedtime much easier.

5. Sporting Events

Whether it’s your child’s soccer game or tailgating for your favorite college football team, you will definitely want to be sure to pack up a couple of lawn chairs to get you through the day. Take advantage of a chairside pocket organizer to keep track of your drink, phone, and sunglasses!

6. Beach/Lake Day

Pack up your low back beach chairs for your next afternoon hanging out on the seaside. Comfortable chairs are an absolute must to make your day at the beach as enjoyable as possible. Don't forget to pack your beach umbrella and sunscreen!

7. Block Party

In addition to your famous potato salad, be sure to bring along some comfortable lawn chairs for your next neighborhood block party. Stay comfortable for the duration of the festivities while getting to know your neighbors.

8. Camping

As you pack up your tents, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies, make sure you remember to throw in a couple of chairs. They will be perfect for mealtimes and spending time together around the fire.

9. Barbeque

Invite some friends over for a backyard barbeque! Invite them to bring their own chairs so that you can enjoy each other's company outside, but make sure to have a couple of extras just in case.

10. Family Gatherings

Whether it’s for a birthday party, family dinner, your niece's graduation, or any number of other family gatherings, some comfortable lawn chairs are definitely something you will want to bring along. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s taking place inside or out, having some extra seating can never hurt when it comes to these large family events.

No matter what your upcoming event or excursion, you will want to be sure to add packing your lawn chairs to the list of things to do. Having comfortable and convenient seating is an absolute must, you definitely will not regret bringing them along!