Lawn Chair Webbing

Restore your favorite aluminum webbed folding lawn chair with our first-rate replacement lawn chair webbing and lawn chair webbing kits. As with our aluminum webbed folding chairs, our chair webbing is sturdy, with a little stretch, and UV-resistant. We know our lawn chair webbing will meet your needs and expectations of quality.

We currently offer lawn chair webbing in:

  • 2.25” x 150’ rolls
  • 3” x 150’ rolls
  • 2.25” x 50’ lawn chair webbing kits (with and without clips)
  • 3” x 50’ lawn chair webbing kits (with and without clips)

Our lawn chair webbing kits with clips come with a bag of 30 clips. Please also note that not all of our lawn chair webbing styles are available with each of these options.

With chair webbing offered in all the colorful styles we sell, along with fast and free shipping and easy installation to a chair frame, we can help get your lawn or beach folding chair looking brand new and ready for use in no time.