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Lawn Chair USA

Yellow and White Stripe

Sale price$29.99

We have taken the retro look of this classic aluminum folding chair and recreated it with optimum comfort.

Size:3" x 150'
COLOR: Yellow and White Stripe
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Has the webbing frayed or worn out in your favorite aluminum webbed lawn chairs? Don’t think all is lost. Just like seeing the first blooms of daffodils in your garden, we can help brighten your day with this beautifully bold yellow and white striped replacement chair webbing. Along with its stunning color, this replacement chair webbing is as sturdy and long-lasting as quality lawn chair webbing comes. It also has a little stretch to it and is resistant to UV rays. 

You can get this bright yellow and white striped outdoor chair webbing in just a roll or in a lawn chair webbing kit (with or without clips). Order what you need, put the replacement chair webbing on and then get ready to kick back and relax in your restored—and even better looking—favorite aluminum webbed folding lawn chairs for spring and summer patio season.


Made in the USA