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Sea Island Classic Lawn Chair with White Arms

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When you can't settle down in the sand at your favorite beach, bring some of that seaside serenity with you. This peaceful blue and white patterned aluminum chair would make the perfect addition to your backyard, and it is lightweight and compact when folded so you can easily take it with you.

Made of super lightweight materials, this classic aluminum folding chair is stronger than most chairs that are 2-3 times heavier. It is strong enough to comfortably hold the average man (and then some). This beautiful blue metal folding chair is also easy to store and even easier to carry. So, whether you are hosting the next neighborhood barbecue or heading to your son's soccer game, some of these light blue metal folding chairs should help you stay composed even when another Joneses show up blabbing about their newest home addition or the soccer refs make a bad call.

Made in the USA

Height of Back: 21.5"
Seat Width: 18.5"
Seat Length: 16.5"
Seat Height from Ground: 15.5"
Fold Flat Height: 32"
Total Weight: 4.2lbs
Recommended Weight Capacity: 225 lbs